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Industry Services

Sphier Unified Solutions , a pioneer in product engineering provides development services in following areas.
• Hardware
• Firmware
• Device drivers
• Industrial Electronics
• Communication

University Services

We provides following products for universities and academia's.
• Training Equipments
• Laboratory Setup
• Comprehensive Training
• Rapid Prototyping Systems
• Workshops building ideas

Embedded Market Services

We provides following services in driver development.
• System level software design
• Kernel device custom driver development
• Porting
• Firmware design
• Test services including firmware utility and test development

Training Services

We are providing training that will develop eminent skills in students that will help potential students to get absorbed into job market.
• Linux Programming
• Linux Device Driver
• Embedded Linux
• Linux Driver/Networking

"We not only provides only product but we also provides assistance to our customers in selecting automation methods which will be in their budget."